Auditoriums including Cinema Screens
Stage ends
AMZ Design and Installation Limited is Canada’s number one supplier of cinema front ends. We have supplied and Installed over 2000 stage ends throughout the world.
Acoustic wall covering
One of the most important parts of a proper auditorium is the absorption of flutter echo and stray noises. In addition to our acoustical consulting services AMZ provides a wide range of acoustical panels, stretch systems for walls and ceilings.
Aisle and Step Lighting
Low voltage LED aisle and step lighting from several manufacturers are offered as part of our extensive product line.
AMZ provides a wide variety of seating options for customizing your installation. The design changes in cinema have been vast, today the trend is for sumptuous seating arrangements. When it comes to products we represent some of the world’s best and largest seating manufacturers, making the cinema experience a more unique, involving and enjoyable experience.