Architectural Design
Photo: Technical Design Each project is unique. During our design and review process we take into account all of the factors that can affect a patron’s experience. We supply our clients a list of plans schedules and calculations for each auditorium and room, for example:
  • Equipment Schedules
  • Booth Wall Details – Electrical and Dimensions
  • Equipment Layout Details – For Each Booth
  • Acoustical Treatment Layouts
  • Concession Layouts and Details
  • Sound Rack Layouts
  • Stage End Details
  • Seating Layouts
  • Sightline Details and Comments
  • Speaker Location Details
  • Wall Type Details
  • Audio Riser Diagrams
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Image Analysis and Sizing Details
  • SPL Calculations and Amplifier Sizing Details
  • LED Step Lighting Details

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