Cinema Lobbies including Concession Equipment
For the major source of income in a cinema, AMZ is your one stop source for concessions. From franchise consultation, to pop corn machines, to the smallest accessory such as ice scoops we represent all major manufacturers. Stein industries, Cretors, Gold Medal are just some of the equipment provider.
Box Office
Our box office software and hardware is fully integrated into the operators accounting system and will make the day to running of a cinema a snap. In addition we will custom design the millwork for ease of use and enjoyment of patrons.
LED Cinema Displays
We offer a range of indoor light emitting diode (LED) displays for theatres that deliver information in a readable, colorful and professional format using reliable high bright red and amber color technology. The three lines of cinema displays provide a complete solution for your theatre’s entire operation, providing customers with ease in locating their needed information. Box Office displays are integrated with your point of sale ticketing system to show continuously updated information on current movie titles, ratings and show times. Lobby signs are often located near the theatre's hallways to guide customers to their desired movie. Auditorium signs are single strip reader displays above each screen's doorway that identify the movie and time of the show playing inside.
Digital Concession Menu Boards
Theatres can enhance and improve their concessions offerings through the power and appeal of digital delivery. Our system utilizes VitalCAST, Texas Digital’s easy-to-use, scalable digital merchandising platform that is capable of managing a single or multiple theatres from one central location. Large, wide screen LCD displays acting as menu boards are automatically refreshed with scheduled promotional materials and drive sales. You can showcase various menu items at different times of the day, and feature particular items or pricing based on your customers’ demographics or time of day, week or hour they visit your theatre. Scheduled content changes are updated on the displays in minutes.