Automation Systems
C.N.A. Series
  • Strong CineNet™ is a state-of-the-art, microprocessor-based automation system featuring user-friendly controls, and utilizes cinemaindustry terms and language for programming.
  • It has full network capabilities, with the automation and remote systemcommunicating through a two-wire RS-485 Serial Link Cable called the Local Synchronous Network (LSN). CineNetâ„¢ automation isaccessible via laptop (or home-based) PC for direct programming and monitoring using the optional HOST software.
  • CineNet™ features modular design. The standard system consists of a control module, a console termination module, and a booth termination module. All modules connect via a five-conductor cable providing power and serial communication through a Local I/O Network (LIN). The LIN also supports optional auxiliary modules for additional control capabilities. This design results in significant cost savings over other systems by significantly reducing in-stallation time.
  • FP-350 Cue Detector/Failsafe Switch Assembly included
  • Convenient Manual Override switches are directly wired to console termination panel via a quick-disconnet harness
  • Dual Voltage (120/240 V.AC) Input
  • Modular base components simplify troubleshoooting
  • Different CNA types may be interfaced within Network
  • Digital LED Start/Intermission Timer
  • Digital Cue Detection
  • Full Manual Back Up Controls for Projector and Auditorium Functions
  • Remote Status Capability
  • Unique Film Run Down Circuit
  • Modular Design for Ease of Service
  • Integrated cue expander; for use with any three-head proximity detector
  • Four cue operation (typical)
  • Compact 2RU front panel
  • Independent trailer and feature audio and image format selection
  • Two-piece design for easy integration into console or wall-mount installations
  • LED indicators for start, stop and cues
  • Integrated fire alarm relay circuit o Remote control and status capability
  • Reliable, relay-based, low-cost design
  • Timing driven by electro-optical cues on the film
  • Two customizable option functions
  • Two-wire interlock
  • Manual control of all basic projection system and auditorium functions
  • 12VDC circuitry
  • Panel mount 2,800Hz buzzer/alarm
  • Countdown start/intermission timer optional
  • Status panel optional
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Designed specifically for the MiT XLC console

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