Cinema Projection Systems
Cinema Film Projectors
Reliable, performance driven, and durable. We have a wide range of projectors to choose from.
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Various models to choose from with a variety of options. Different models in different wattages.
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Safe, gentle film transport is our primary goal. AMZ offers platter systems from several manufacturers with evolutionary refinements and creative features.
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From simple, low-cost and highly reliable electro-mechanical design to the most sophisticated computerized system we have the automation to suit your needs. They will provide decades of trouble-free and consistent operation for 35mm film systems or future projection technologies.
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Physical Plant Equipment
We carry all of your requirements for dimming systems, porthole assemblies, rewind equipment and reels. We are proud to represent Kelmar (rewind tables, dimmer systems, port window assemblies) and Goldberg Bros. (reels and port window assemblies).
Whether it is leader, splicing tape, film handling materials or cleaning media, we supply everything you need for your projection booth.
Photo: Xenon Lamps
Xenon Lamps
Whether for cinemas, video projection, or stage and studio applications, xenon lamps are designed for use in the industry’s most technologically advanced equipment — they provide an almost perfect point source of light.