Monitors and Crossovers
  • Provides Monitor and Crossover functions in one box
  • Digital Signal Processing for State-of-the-art sound quality (high dynamic range)
  • Fast system setup time (especially in megaplexes with similar rooms)
  • Simple connections with QSC DataPort connectivity. Only one cable per amplifier needed (contains two signal inputs, two signal returns, power on/standby control and two channels of load monitoring)
  • Exclusive "Load Fault" detection indicates speaker system or wiring faults
  • Simple crossover adjustments via PC with password control for tamper proof system adjustments
  • Lower system cost than existing tri-amp solutions
  • Compatible with all current sound formats; 3-5 screen channels, 5.1 - 7.1
  • 3 year warranty plus optional 3 year extended service contract.
  • QSC DSP3 - DSP-3 provides a wide variety of digital signal processing functions including, filtering, delay, limiting, compression, parametric EQ, tone or noise generation, and attenuation.
  • QSC XC3 - Active two-way crossover for cinema loudspeakers. Can be custom programmed for more universal applications
  • QSC LF3 - Used with the XC-3 for three-way systems
  • QSC SF3 - Provides adjustable bandpass filtering with optional B6 boost mono-summing.
  • Compact 2-rack high unit
  • Eight or ten channels for monitoring processor or amplifier inputs
  • All inputs and outputs are balanced
  • Trimpots for adjustment of processor and amplifier levels
  • Trimpot for bargraph display may be calibrated to the reference level for your theatre
  • Twenty-five (25) pin D-sub connectors
  • Removable Phoenix style terminal blocks
  • HD15 connectors for VGA cables connections
  • Optional Bi Amp or Tri Amp modules for crossover

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