Sound Readers
  • THE DSTR-20 is a new, more economical Penthouse Reader - completely pre-aligned and ready to install.
  • The unit is designed to read Dolby¬© Digital Soundtracks with better performance than current Basement Readers.
  • It attaches directly to Christie, Century, Simplex, Ballantyne and Cinemeccanica projectors.
  • Installation is very quick and easy, typically 30 minutes or less.
  • The LED module is changeable with only a screwdriver.
  • The RSTR series of readers offers extended LED life and higher audio performance than previous generation readers.
  • This higher performance, along with a number of packaging refinements, makes for easier installation and service.
  • We now offer readers for Kinoton and Cinemeccanica projectors and are developing models for Bauer and others.
  • THE RSTR is available for the following projection brands; Simplex, Century, Ballantyne, Chrisite, RCA, Cinemeccaninca (V4, V5/8, V10), Norelco, Kinoton, Prevost and Bauer.
Contact us for a complete listing.
  • The new Kelmar Digital/Analog Basement Reader delivers, in one convenient package, flawless four-track analog stereo plus six-track Dolby Digital performance.
  • Proven design, all solid-state technology, massive heat sinks, conservative power supplies and rugged mechanical components add up to total reliability.
  • The benefi ts of scanning both formats in a non-penthouse environment without any modifi cation in fi lm threading procedures are tremendous.
  • All systems are thoroughly aligned, pre-focused and certifi ed for your convenience.
  • Field installation is straightforward and predictable.
  • The system comes complete with all power supplies and hardware.

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